About us

The Vision:

Enkruh has a vision of clothing for the future. Each one of us have the power to make nature, our environment and our lives extraordinary. Collectively, even small daily changes of what we wear & what we do can potentially propel us into great ethically-forward societies. Societies that positively grow and prosper together. As one.

The Name:

The name "Enkruh" is a natural fusion between earth-friendly inks and chakras of the mind, body & spirit. Fusing together earth & self as one...with all things created.

The About:

We are an independent creative company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our brand promotes earth-friendly lifestyles through our message, our process and our apparel. We take pride in our ethically-crafted products. Each garment sold propels us one step closer to global sustainability.

"...we aim to create clothing that doesn't just look & feel good but is better...for all.”

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